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Wann wird es soweit sein, dass man TT für Joomla 5 nutzen kann? Die Zeit spielt jedenfalls gegen euch und ihr verliert jeden Tag potenzielle Kunden. Es hat schon lange genug gedauert, bis ihr TT angepasst habt, damit es mit PHP 8 einigermaßen funktioniert.

When will it be possible to use TT for Joomla 5? In any case, time is playing against you and you are losing potential customers every day. It has already taken you long enough to adapt TT so that it works reasonably well with PHP 8.

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by phillips-guy (360 points)

They say that it does offer J5 support at but I see no option to export for this in the TT I'm using ( and it isn't mentioned in the changelog for subsequent versions. Unless exporting for 4.x works in 5, which I haven't actually tried.

Chance of clarification from TT would be a fine thing...

by phillips-guy (360 points)
It says on the changelog suport has been added for J5 now since Nov 20 Version: Anyone tried it yet?
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