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Hi Guys

I'm having a few problems with the template.

First is the header, it's fine when in desktop mode, the image displays the full width of the desired page, but in tablet or mobile mode, the header only shows part way across the page.

Next is the menu it is not showing correctly, it seems to be showing as bullet points.

Then there is a problem with the footer, it's not showing at all

issues can be seen on the test domain

joomla version 4.2.9



1 Answer

by lisa-west (35.1k points)
1. We have checked your website URL, it seems you are using header foreground image to cover up full header, which needs to set for every responsive view i.e desktop, tablet as well as mobile view, so instead of foreground image you may use header background image which will be effortlessly responsive.

2.You have applied main menu module within footer below position, which seems to be bulleted list due to compressed area of less width of module position, either you may use "menu" position for menu module or also you may use a fullwidth module position.

3. Footer layout is having background color white same as main page that's why causes a display issue, it is displaying but unable to distinguish it, so you may please select a different background for clear visualisation of footer.

If still, you face any issue, please open a support ticket at and provide your TTR file, Our support team will guide you accordingly.
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