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sorry, but I seem not to see the forest for the trees :-(

I know the question has been asked here several times, but I can not understand the answer.

My problem:

So in Templatetoaster I create a header with background graphic, logo and text in a text field.

But after importing it into Joomla, only the background graphic and logo is displayed - not the text.

As a solution here in the forum the following is suggested:

1. import template into Joomla

2. click system

3. click on control panel

4.there click the import button

Clicking on the system on the left side is clear, but I find neither the control panel, nor an import button.

In which category (Settings, Install, Templates...) can I find the control panel? Can it be that these points are now called something else?

Please help me, I am going crazy here....

Thanks in advance for your effort.


Joomla 4.3.1

Translated with (free version)

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