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I have websites that would take more than a full ream of paper if I were to print it out. A number of my sites use almost almost 100 pages just to create the effects I want. A lot of the pages are for internal pop-ups on some sites. I'm sure you want examples : Galactic Enterprise Ship Computer Master Index Changes in the Internet have me updating all my site to a more responsive format, but finding a builder that can handle the size without a terrible loss of the original site dynamics. I have small slideshows near the bottom of the page The Galactic Enterprise Log Book - Page 1. Then there is a simple game you can play Engineering ( on the same page. I just want the best site building system without a major loss of functionality.

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A few years ago TT came out with a 64 bit version that's suppose to handle larger websites 50 to a 100 pages or more. You could always split up your site with sub-sites. Easier to handle and edit. Here's some other programs if you have not looked at them. Website X5 has a great page manager and some very large sites online. Coffee Cup bombs after 50 pages. WYSIWYG web builder might work and has Mac and linux versions. Xara web designer may also slow down after 50 pages. Also check out Rocket cake, it's the smallest file (cleanest code) to upload and has Mac also. After looking at your sites Website x5 or web builder may be the best. Check them all.

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