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I can't update my paid and not expired license for my templatetoaster version software, that will expire in one of the months of 2023.

Can't update my paid templatetoaster none expired software

It say that the application is UpToDate. But nothing have been downloaded to update itself and restart. I know because i click on the "about" and i see that when i restart the computer that it is still the same version.

I wonder if it is the software? Hope also that no other customers have the same issue as my self?

Thanks for your time and help.

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by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
Strange when i write to the customer support chat online. It is said that the chat has been stop by the staff. I simply want to know how to update my activated software that download the updates of my none expired license that is into the year 2023. I do like very much TemplateToaster and recommend to many peoples. If some staff want i could create a youtube video, make it unlisted so that only the staff have the url to see the proof that my TemplateToaster say its up to date. But when i click onto the button "about" it say it is activated, it indicate also the version that prove it is not updated. Must i download manually the new version, then deactivate my activated TemplateToaster; after install the new version manually and re-put my activation number? Please i would appreciate very much to know what to do? Thanks for your time and help.
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I got the same problem over here and i also can't export themes anymore
by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
Yes its sad for peoples that have the same problem, to update the software as both of us. But i do think they might find a solution about it. One thing for sure they are great peoples that i like very much. Templatetoaster is still a software that i suggest to peoples, and glad to bring more customers to them. Its normal that customers hope it will be fixed soon. If they are customers that are mad about it, its not me that will get mad to them. They work pretty hard, have the right to be appreciated and respected.
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