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I dont think to write some good comments for your team is appropriate here (forum/ask) but i dont know where to write it else.

You are a great team at TemplateToaster for me, just wanted to put my appreciations to your team that i like very much. I do hope that peoples as my self would reply, to give there thanks and likes also to the great peoples that you are. Brief give you some friendly likes for TemplateToaster and its team.

Beside that because we are in the ask section, i still did not have a reply to my ticket #331770 dated the 20 june 2022. I guess that you are very busy to reply to this ticket, but i understand the amount of customers that you reply to.

I do hope that peoples as my self, will give you many appreciations to your great team; and understand that it is not easy the work you do for your customers. Once again many thanks from all my heart.


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