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I'm having issues with the Megamenu option in Drupal.  When highlighting (hovering) links in the menu dropdown it highlights several links at once in the same column.  The columns also overflow the dropdown area to the right instead of wrapping to a new row and I have to add custom css to fix it.  If it could stack columns without having it spaced by rows that would also look better but I'm not sure that's possible to do from the theme.

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We Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you, we have generated a Mega Menu issue "highlights several links at once in the same column" at our end and forwarded it to our development team. We will very soon provide you with an updated build.

Regarding the other query "Column also overflowing the dropdown area to the right" we are unable to generate this issue.

Please create a support ticket and share the ttr file and screenshot of the issue so that we can trace the issue at our end and provide you with an appropriate solution.

You can create a support ticket through this link->

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