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Hello, I want to know how to add modules to Joomla! Templates. and they can be seen on all pages

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TemplateToaster Provide an option to add the Module at the position you want and yes that can be shown on every page.

To add the Module you just need to follow the steps given below.

Open TemplateToaster -> Select the Joomla CMS -> Click on "Module Position" option -> add the new row -> choose the position of the Module where you want to add -> select the number column and also you can name that particular column to better identify it -> Export.

Steps to add the module from the Joomla backend.

Open the Joomla backend -> Install the Exported theme -> Go to System option" -> "Site Modules" -> select "New" option -> Choose the module type from the list -> Give the title of the module  -> Choose the Position of the Widget where you want to show your module -> Save.

Try this and if you face any problem while adding the Widget please feel free to contact us back.

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