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I have text in several different font sizes. Text with links will always be one and the same size on my site. It does not look nice when headings and body text with links get the same font size when hovering. I want links to be the same size as the rest of the text when hovering. How do you do it?

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by emma-johnson (2.4k points)

There is an option in the Elements tab of TemplateToaster to change the Typography of links for Active, Normal, and Hover cases.
To change the links typography on Hover, you can follow these steps:
Elements tab-> Links-> Hover Link
Please check the screenshot below for reference.

by lundahl (500 points)
Thank you Emma
Can you be a little clearer please. I do not understand exactly how I can get the size of the link to adapt to different text sizes. The text size of the texts on the website is available in several different sizes. It can be 12pt, 16pt 20pt and so on and then I want the text size of the link to change between 12, 16pt and 20pt. I do not want the size of the links to be the same size everywhere. It does not look good.
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