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Started working with joomla 4. TT templates that import content into joomla 3.10 will not import content into joomla 4. The slideshow and body import on install but the menu and other container items do not import. I cannot find other questions related to this issue. Any thoughts as to why import isn't working?

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Thanks for letting us know about the situation and we'd love to help you with this.

There were some import issues in the older version of TemplateToaster for Joomla v4 import content. We've resolved those issues in the latest version of TemplateToaster. 
Please update the TemplateToaster to the latest version. You can download the latest version from the TemplateToaster site or you can download the version from this link:
If you still get the issue with import, please create a support ticket from this link: and share the zip file along with the issue.
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