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We have a big problem, has anyone a idea or solution?

We need to open Links intern in a file structure but the new Edge browser opens the file structure directly in the edge browser and not locally.

We use the edge extension "localexplorer" the link is like "localexplorer:T:\Test1\Test2\Test3" but TemplateToaster dont allow to user the localexplorer: .... in the beginning of the link, the programm says that its a wrong link. Is there any solution to unse this format in TemplateToaster as link -> "localexplorer:T:\Test1\Test2\Test3"


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We looked at the problem you are facing, and will ensure you that we will resolve this issue and will provide a new build by tomorrow.
by robert-williams (5.2k points)

TemplateToaster version 8 provides you an option to add relative URL, Relative URL consists of the path, optionally, the resource, but no root domain. The relative link you add is on the same site and is part of the same root domain. e.g you can simply provide path "/Test1/Test2/Test3" in relative URL instead of complete path "localexplorer:T:\Test1\Test2\Test3".

To add the Relative URL Double click on the area and select the text where you want to add -> Choose Hyperlink option -> Select the Relative URL section and add the file path -> Save.

If still you face any issue please open a support ticket at : with elaborated steps of the case. Our support team will guide you accordingly.
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