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I need to create a hyperlink to a internal server structure like \\\test\test document\ or T:\test\test document.
The Problem that I got is that the link cannot include Whitespaces, but in the Server Structure are Whitespaces included.

The other Problem (without whitespaces) is that I cannot create hyperlinks to the structure because it is not a valid URL.

Is there any solution how I can create Hyperlinks with whitespaces.


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As the space in URL is replaced by "%20" by the browser so, as for this reason there is not space allowed to enter in any way while entering in URL section. But you may add %20 in URL as for denoting space.
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Thank You for your answere.
The big Problem what stays is that we need to open Links intern in a file structure but the new Edge browser opens the file structure directly in the edge browser and not locally.
We use the edge extension "localexplorer" the link is like "localexplorer:T:\Test1\Test2\Test3" but TemplateToaster dont allow to user the localexplorer: .... in the beginning of the link, the programm says that its a wrong link. Is there any solution to unse this format in TemplateToaster as link -> "localexplorer:T:\Test1\Test2\Test3"
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