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Classic theme with GDPR Modul

I am looking for a wolf to get this GDPR module to work. How do I get the checkbox to work in TemplateMonster like in the Classic theme.

As I said, it's not about designing the checkbox, it's about making the checkbox visible.

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TemplateToaster provides you to set the styling of the checkbox as you want, you can also design it like as is is as in the Classic theme of PrestaShop.

Just open your project in TemplateToaster -> Click on the "ELEMENTS" option and change the Styling of your checkbox by removing it from is default option -> Export -> Install that theme into your CMS.
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Unfortunately, this is not the solution. I would like to design not only the checkbox, but have available at this point as in the Classic Theme. If I follow the advice, the other checkboxes change, but no checkboxes of the module GDPR appear.
The modul:
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