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The theme was made with TemplateToaster, the program is current and up to date.  When I import and activate the theme all the text stacks on top of each other on the home page and in the header. Seen here:

When I activate a default WP theme (Not created in TemplateToaster) the content appears just fine.

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by robert-williams (5.2k points)
As we looked at your code, there was a section where you have given inline-height: 0;

so this is the reason why your text is overlapping the other text on a single line.

To set the line height in your project follow these steps.

Open TT -> open your project -> Click on "ELEMENTS" -> Click on "Paragraph" -> Select the "line height" -> Choose the line height you want in your project.
by bltorres (140 points)
That did it, thank you.  Odd because I didn't touch that information
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