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I got the error message when I want to open my project file. This project file may be build with a newer Version. Please update TT to latest version. So I updated the TT and nothing change. Please help me, I spent on that project so much time.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

Please open a support ticket at:, and provide your ttr file as attachment. Our support team will guide you accordingly.

by ollycd (220 points)

I did have the same trouble for a month long.

The Solution for me has been:

Uninstall TT
Make a backup of "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TemplateToaster\Bookmarks"
Delete the original files
Reinstall and press "no" if install is asking your 2 recover files.

by petrdomecky (100 points)
Help, this does not help...
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