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When I have deleted all pages except Home and Blog, the Title and Slogan for the Blog page are disabled and it is not possible to enter a Title or slogan on the Blog page. When adding a new page, the Title and Slogan check boxes are enabled again. Then it is possible to enter a Title and slogan, but when the template is exported, the text is gone.

The text on the mobile tab affects the text on the Desktop tab and vice versa. When I make the text smaller on the mobile tab, the text on the Desktop tab becomes just as small.

If I close TT8 and open the template again, all the text for the title and slogan on the blog tab is gone.

It really feels like a bug. If not, I need instructions on how to make this work.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please open support ticket at : and provide your ttr file as well as exported zip. Our support team will guide you accordingly.
by lundahl (500 points)
It does not help me to provide the template on which I discovered the error. It is the same error on all templates as I do so the error must be corrected in the program first and it starts to be urgent to get it corrected.
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