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Hi I just created a Prestashop theme and uploaded it and it was fine however I noticed some things in the Prestashop backend does not work when I load the theme.  For example any email feature does not work, Newsletter, Contact form, Order Confirmation, none work.  I have been going crazy thinking it is a Prestashop problem but when I remove the Template Toaster them and go back to Prestashop classic theme then all those functions are working.   Can you help me to figure out why some functions are not working when I upload.  Do I have to set those functions up in the Theme before I upload to Prestashop?

Thanks for your help.

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We have checked the case at our end but we are unable to generate the issue at our end.Please mention the TemplateToaster version you are using. Also open a support ticket at: and if possible please provide you website credentials over ticket, so that we can check the issue at your end  and able to provide you an appropriate solution.

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