in Joomla Templates by molto1000 (120 points)
The three horizontal bars are not displayed in mobile menu!!

Thanks for you help


2 Answers

by patricia-jones (3.4k points)
One of your installed module conflicts with the css of icon bar in Mobile view. You may use the custom css code to resolve the issue:

@media  only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

nav#lcg19_menu .icon-bar {

width: 22px !important;


by molto1000 (120 points)
Thanks a lot, it's working!
by finalfiler (460 points)
I'm seeing the hamburger menu on your site (Firefox), but it's not the usual three bar icon.  I had a similar problem but  stumbled on the solution by

* Menu > Hamburger = TRUE > Design > Icon

I then set Hamburger = False  for standard design.  It worked after that.
by molto1000 (120 points)
Unfortunately, I already tried this. But the CSS solution above works great.
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