in Joomla Templates by finalfiler (460 points)
We have created a template that is generally working. The Menu module was configured to center align the buttons along the horizontal, which is what it does when the "home" page or any non single full article component is displayed.

However, when a full single article page display is invoked the menu alignment shifts to LEFT.

Any ideas where we even start to look to resolve the issue, i.e. that the alignment stays as set in the template design?


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by robert-williams (5.2k points)

Please provide your live site address.
by finalfiler (460 points)
Nevermind, I'm now reasonably confident it is some kind of cache issue. The menu displays accurately on another computer.

 I have noticed that when updating the template and then clearing out all caches (backend and browser) the template may not display the changes immediately. I suspect that's what is happening here.
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