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Hi there i want to (select) some text that i write, then highlighting the text (right mouse button click) to see the option: "Edit Html Source Code". Then it show some window that i see my writen text and i simply select and replace it with some html code.

It's been a while ive talked to you TemplateToaster about this feature that you should have.

Also i am not the only one that want this option. Proof of my saying:

I have buyed recently an other license of TemplateToaster, i hope that before my 1 year update expire; that this option will come very soon.

This is a "Must Have" look at the competitors, many of them make this option possible. Not having this option can make TemplateToaster loose money and loose customers interrest.

It's even possible that potential TemplateToaster customers, say to other potential customers: I cant "right mouse button click" on some selected item, then choose (Edit Html Source Code).

It's your choice if you want to loose money and loose international market money, just because of this option that is not available.

Hoping that this option gonna come real soon??

Well thank's for your time and help.

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I have found out other customers that mention about adding the option to edit the html code source:

Dated 20 october 2019:

Dated 30 september 2019:

Dated 12 feb 2019:

Even dated in 2014 (Long Time Ago, Still No Changes??):

You should have this "Must Have" option.

Now suppose that one potential TemplateToaster talk to 3 others TT potential customers about this feature that you dont have put.

Then theses 3 others persons, each of them tell to 3 others this option that TT dont have; and so on and so on......

You must come to the "evidence", that it is a (Must Have) and not an (Option to Have)!


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