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I have data in a PDF file that I would like to present on my web page. I could imagine having this pulled in much like an image or, alternatively, being a live reference to the file. In the later case, I believe that I know how to do this via an external URL, though even there it would be nice to reference it local to the web hosting machine (maybe using some kind of "file://" or "localhost" syntax). For the former case, is there a way to give TT the file name of a PDF file? Can I create an internal TT page which is nothing but a PDF file? Thanks!

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Yes, It is possible. TemplateToaster provide option to make use of custom html code in Content area. Use html tags <embed> or <iframe> to link your pdf file as a page content.

To achieve this follow the steps:

1. Open TemplateToaster => Double Click on Content area.

2. Write the bellow custom html code:

<embed src="URL"/>


<iframe src="URL"></iframe>

 3. Give inline styles for the tag to set height and width according to your requirement.

4. Now export your theme.
by bob-moench (140 points)
I was able to do this:
  <embed src="PDA_Quick_Facts.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="700" height="500"  >
in a new page and create a hyperlink to that page. Works pretty well. Thanks!

That said, the relative path does not work for a preview and for an export, it is up to me to hand deliver the PDF to the export directory. Is there away to tell TT that the PDA file should be "brought along" for preview and export (much like images are brought along)?

Or, could I "install" the PDF into an existing gallery (again, like images), though I suppose the whole gallery is not automatically delivered. I do see a few gratuitous files (files that I do not use)  in the exported image directory. Is there a TT directory this is delivered whole sale?

Any thoughts on this?

Feature wise, it would be nice if PDFs were supported such as videos and images are, so that things like height and width could be made less brittle than when decending into HTML.
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