in Wordpress Themes by dave25 (120 points)
On a webpage I am working on for a client they asked for specific buttons (Image links) in the header.  That's all easy, however, when I shrink the browser window down those images do not keep their spacing and relative position.  One then overlaps the other until it meets the tablet size attributes  and so on and so forth.  I am looking to fix this issue.

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by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Are you using TemplateToaster software?, If yes, can you please attach here a screenshot showing the issue.
by dave25 (120 points)
I am using templatetoaster software to design but the issue is happening in the browser when you resize the window.  I fixed it by going in and fixing the coding in CSS but that would be a nice feature to have where the images don't float but have a fixed location as the screen shifts in size.
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