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I select a Wordpress template and when I add a cell or row (from the Content tab) I am prompted to choose the position to place the object. I get a pull down menu to choose the value but I don't know what value to use other than trial and error. Some of the templates have so many fields that it is almost impossible to know which one to select when placing an object . Per my attached image it gives me 13 values to choose (I am assuming this is per the template I chose). Is there a way to view the names of the objects in a template so that I can I can place objects? It would help, for example if I knew "what" object is actually labeled for "below 3".

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These are the counters for identifying rows and cells in the particular page. Currently TemplateToaster does not provide the feature to show the exact position of these counter in a page. We have forwarded your request to our Development Team and this feature will provided in future version of TemplateToaster.
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