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I've created a theme for Magento 2 for a website with 3 store views (for 3 different languages). However, when the website is loaded there is no store view switcher to switch between the different language views.
Sometimes I briefly see the store view switcher in the header when the site is loading, but then it disappears again when the site is fully loaded.

I'm also surprised that in the design process in TT7 one can choose and modifiy in the header a Search field, the Cart, Header links, Welcome message......but not the Store view switcher??

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Currently, TemplateToaster does not provide an option to design language switcher. We have considered your query as a feature request and forwarded to the concerned authority. If found feasible we will surely provide this in the future version of TemplateToaster.
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