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Hi there i have writing a free pdf guide about Template Toaster version This guide explain to beginners not much things about using Html 5 from scratch.

Because i have asked first that TT Team check if the guide is "Ok", and did not have a responding i think it respect the TemplateToaster peoples.

Here is the url of the file:

Hope that if you are a beginner, that you like this free pdf guide?


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yes Thanks for your efforts, TemplateToaster community highly appreciate that. 

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I'm glad that you like very much the free guide ive created for TemplateToaster.

As you see my intentions are good and to help you have more customers. It's also important for me to give to all of you my thanks for your acceptances and permissions that i do printscreens images to explain TT. I like to help peoples when i can, have time and have the tools for.

It might be of none importance for yourself that i give my thanks to you, but for me it's very important. I appreciate all of you sincerely from all my heart. The same goes to Lisa West and Mike Davis, there are great peoples, that i like very much also. Please let them know also.

It have taken me a lot of hours put into the mini pdf guide of 33 pages, this beside my time for my ways of life. It could be good that into your new TemplateToaster version to download, that you simply "Import and Add to it" the free pdf guide to help beginners. As it is said i dont make money or profits with this guide. It is for helping peoples simply!

The things i have done into this free pdf guide for you:

Explain basic things about creating some Html 5 page from scratch with TT.
Possibility to see the "Thumbnails" pages and to click on it.
Possibility to see the "Bookmarks" also to click on it going to the page.
Putting a "Table" page (Contents), that show the page of the subject; that is also clickable.
On the bottom of each pages clicking the word "Contents" make the reader go to the "Tables page".
The printscreen images (Graphics) are at good quality, so "zoom-in" is good.
Have think to make it compatible with many free pdf readers and operating systems.

Just letting you know all of this i have done, so you realize the many hours i have put into this guide. The many things i have think to make it readable and compatible for all peoples. I am glad to have helped you and that the guide help some beginner customers.

Would you please import it and add it to your new TemplateToaster software version??

You can even also put it on your page:

Downloadable as: "Free TT Mini PDF guide from Sylvain Favron" ??

Thanks for your time, for your trust, for your acceptances and permissions that i do printscreen images, for all what you do for me.

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