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I have some experience in web development; I know a little code of xHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP & somas JavaScript. It’s been a long time since I developed a website due to personal reasons, and I am wondering: If you buy this program, how do you install it on your website? If you have a GoDaddy host provider or whatever, how do you export the template into the hosting to get it uploaded?

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TT is purely for designing the template on you own laptop/pc whatever, you don't need to upload it to anywhere. Whichever CMS you choose is installed on your host server with C panel and you use the inbuilt admin commands to upload and set the status of your new template.

If you've designed a purely HTML template, which I admit i've never done with TT then I imagine you would just FTP it to the correct folder on the server.
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HTML website. Yes Iceferret is correct. A program like FileZilla works well once you know which files to delete or write over and upload your site or just the updated pages. If you use FZ only download from their website.  This program is bootstrap based but much more automatic and allows you to create a desktop first instead of mobile first design.
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Also go the the Blog and scroll down thru the articles.
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As an alternate method, you can export the site from the software to your desktop and then use any third-party FTP client to upload the entire contents to the top website directory of your hosting account.
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