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You update TT7 on a regular basis, for which am very thankful. However, I am looking for a particular bug fix (Radial Blur on Slide show transition not working in Google Chrome) for which I raised a support ticket on 31st May.

It would be beneficial to all users if you could amend when you release an update so that we can decide whether to skip it or not.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

We have already forwarded your issue regarding slideshow to our development team. TemplateToaster update notifiaction will be sent to you through your support ticketas soon as issue will be resolved.

Also, we will make sure to update the Changelog regrding updates.

by paul6552 (520 points)
Yes! Update the changelog! Every time when you update templatetoaster I have no clue which bugs are solved.
by fdonna (660 points)
I do completely agree with you!
I've asked many times to TT team to update changelog with fixed bugs and new features as soon as they release a new version but... they keep ignoring this request.
Also, I'm sure that developers already have a list of open and closed bugs and it would be very easy to publish it!
I cannot understand why they don't do it and I'd like to have an answer.
by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
Yes i agree. Onto the website of TT when clicking on the word Download, then going on the website of . Just on the download page there is writen the word "Changelog", by clicking on it you see that it is writen telling what it is about the bug fixed.

The "Changelog" should show more precise the version and what is the bug fix. This show to customers and potential customers how the TT team work to update the software. Making potential customers know exactly what are the updates and bug fix made. Making them want to buy the templatetoaster software.

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