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I am in the process of editing my first template since purchasing the Professional Edition of Template Toaster.

When I click Menu > Menu Button Properties > Alignment > Vertical > Bottom

I expect it to move my menu text buttons to the bottom of the menu area, however the vertical alignment options are not doing anything. It seems that it does not matter weather I choose Vertical Alignment to be Top, Center, or Bottom, the buttons always stay in the center no matter which option I choose.

Horizontal alignment however is working perfectly as I would expect. It moves my menu buttons to the Left, Center, or Right depending on which Alignment option I choose.

Is there a defect with Vertical Alignment of Menu Buttons? Please let me know a workaround I can use so that I can have by Menu Buttons Align Vertically on the bottom, (even if it involves editing the code after I import the theme into WordPress). Thank you.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

Please make sure to reduce the height of menu buttons before applying vertical alignment. To set vertical alignment of menu buttons please follow the steps provided below.

Go To TemplateToaster -> Menu -> Menu button properties -> Height -> Set menu button height to 50% or any value less than 100%.

Now, Menu button properties -> Alignment -> Vertical -> Top/Center/bottom.

by elektroknecht (120 points)
For me this does not work. I searched for hours how to center the menue buttons vertically. It does nothing!
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