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I have a support ticket #463013 raised on 18th May that is quite a bit overdue now. I added a reminder to the ticket on 27th June, but have had no response to that reminder as yet. I have received an email inviting me to renew my licence however. Up to now I have renewed the licence each year for the continued support....

Part of the ticket was dealt with but I'm getting an "Undefined" error when I create a new category in WooCommerce.

After clicking "Add new Category" the error "Undefined appears in red at top of screen. The page doesn't refresh to show the new category, but it does show if navigating away from page and clicking back into it.

The "Add new Category" function works fine when using a non TemplateToaster theme, so this would seem to be an issue with the TemplateToaster theme.

It would be good to get this resolved. :)

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Dear Friends

PLz Understend TT team There are kids at time there are going to school and learn how to Develop TT

Fun is WooCommerce support 3.1.0 but our TT kids WooCommerce support 2.7  all most 2 year old wooCommerce support we all live in 2017 but TT Kids Live in 2015 so that why he develop 2.7 support wooCommerc Support and at time TT kids are Going To School and there are lean  how to develop a wooCommerce 3.1.0 but teacher are not coming in school there are wait at last 2 year and always go to school and wait teacher to there are not develop other products


all most 6 month there are beta there are try to or that one man company he working on plz support and invest your time that owner is great man and good one plz support and wait same month or year you get good products i also all  most one year and i can not renewal this products i wait for final 7 TT then i thing its best time to investmentin TT or wait more time


i have all most 3 year use TT but at time I am only wait for TT7
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We are really sorry for that, we'll be updating you on ticket id 463013 today. Actually some tickets got mixed up while shifting to the updated ticket system.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.
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