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hi to all ... i've two question ... someone can help me, pls?

1. when i remove all widget from WP Backend (Apparence/Widgets/Left Sidebar) then two "indipendent" widgets appear in the landig page: Search and Calendar.
I find, in the theme, this file ( sidebar-1.php). what it this?

<div id="ttr_sidebar_left_margin">
<div class="remove_collapsing_margins"></div>
<div class="ttr_sidebar_left_padding">
<div class="remove_collapsing_margins"></div>
<?php if(!templatetoaster_theme_dynamic_sidebar(1)){
global $templatetoaster_theme_widget_args;
echo ($before_widget.$before_title.__('Search','TemplateToaster').$after_title);
echo substr($after_widget,0,-3);
echo ($before_widget.$before_title.__('Calendar','TemplateToaster').$after_title);
echo substr($after_widget,0,-3);
<div class="remove_collapsing_margins"></div>

2.I've created a fluid and responsive template for joomla and wordpress. I insert the logo in the header and i set it to align with the page (the page is set to 80% while the menu and headers are the full width of the screen)

Unfortunately when I try the template at a resolution higher than that with which I designed the logo is "misaligned". I try use this code in custom css ... but it doesnt work.

@media only screen and (min-width:1025px) { .ttr_header_logo { left:10%; margin:inherit; } }

can u help me?

thanks a lot.

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