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I am new to TT, have been using artisteer for a number of years and like others am getting fedup of the direction that they are taking. Just to clarify, I use Joomla and only want to create templates for this CMS. In my testing I have done a 'Start from scratch'.

I have spent most of today testing TT and in general like what I see however there are a couple of issues that I would like to have answered before I decide if I am going to go with TT.
    Why is it that even when I set the page width to 1000 it appears less that this? I set it to 1100 and then it produced a page of around 1000. It issue seems only to be on Chrome, the width of 1000 looks OK on both IE and FF
    Is there a document of the module positions? I have looked at the documentation and this does not seem to be available. Maybe this is not necessary but as I have always had this to pass it on to my clients, it would be useful. I realise that there are a number of positions that I can rename as well as the facility to create my own but I can't find a way of printing this. I am fully aware of the index.php?tp=1 option but this is not at all clear as to which is which
    I have found in a number of cases that when I go to change something, mainly colours, it is not always very responsive. I copy and paste (from artisteer) the Hex code but until I move the 'Transparency' the 'OK' button is not activated (using the more option on colour)
    Even though I have set the 'Content > Post Properties > Heading Type to h1 the headings the template builder does not show this within the content section, it is shown correctly in the body of the template builder
    I always use the JCE editor and have this linked to the css/editor.css file. The problem is that this takes the background of the site and not the background of the content area, the text itself has the correct colour but can and does not always show up correctly. I have also noticed that the headers (h1 to h6) do not appear to be set within the editor.css file
    I have had a look at the 'Responsive Layout' options but these do not seem to work very well, I think I will continue using MobileJoomla,, which works very well

Even though there are a few issues that I have with TT overall it is so much better than Artisteer (it is what Artisteer could have been until they went of in the wrong direction) I have purchased the pro version and will be using this in future.

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