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Template Toaster rendering:

Joomla rendering:

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Have you used your browsers 'inspect element' to see if other css is overiding the templates css file?
by marcin-sarewicz (210 points)
I have the same problem which is irritating. I don't know the proper solution but there is a workaround. Add class .table to all table tags with jQuery.

In custom.js add line:

 jQuery('table').addClass('table') ;

Somewhere in the begining, but after jQuery(document). ready({

This works for me
by networkandweb (290 points)
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This cludge works!  Thanks.  For others . . .

FTP to your host, and find the directory containing your template.
Find file customjs.js, and open it.

After . . .
jQuery(document). ready({

Insert . . .
jQuery('table').addClass('table') ;

Now, my site tables look how I styled them in TT.

Kudos to marcin-sarewicz.

EDIT: I found that if I upload my template again, customjs.js is overwritten and my code edit is gone.

So I put this in Template Toaster itself.

Go to General > Javascript, and enter this code:

/********** Table Fix **********/

jQuery (document).ready



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