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What a wonderful work, thanks alot.

My question is:

"How do I shift my "Scroll Up Button" a little bit higher than its normal postion from bottom in TT?'




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If you use your browsers inspect element you'll see it's position is controlled by the back-to-top class in the template css. So you need to either find and alter it or add it to the custom css in TT. here's what I mean

.back-to-top {bottom:2em;}

You could use px, em or %
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Currently TemplateToaster does not provide the option to set the position of Scroll up button. We have forwarded you request to our development team if feasible it will be provided in future version of TemplateToaster.

For the time being you can use the following Custom CSS to shift the "Scroll Up Button"  position  higher from bottom in TemplateToaster.To add the Custom CSS follow the given steps:

Go To TemplateToaster ->  General -> Custom CSS -> Paste the given Custom CSS.

.back-to-top {
    bottom: 20px;

Pixel value  can  be increase or decrease as your need.
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