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Is there a possibility to choose your own style for hyperlinks (active, hovered and visited) within an article text? As it is now, all hyperlink text defaults to whatever typology has been set in the template. Example: in my template standard hyperlink letter size is now set at 14. I would like to be able to alter this for text sections that are either in a larger or a smaller letter size.


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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
TemplateToaster provides option to set the Typography for Active, Hover and Visited Link. To set the typography for Hyperlinks please follow the given steps:

Go To TemplateToaster -> Content -> Content -> Typography -> Active/Hover/Visited Link -> Set the styles for Active/Hover/Visited Link.
by iceferret (3.3k points)
if you want to style an individual link in an article use a <span> tag like this:

<span style=" font-size: 18pt;">your link text here</span>

The whole link would look like this if you were linking to an external website for example;

<a href=""><span style=" font-size: 18pt;">hello</span></a>

Generally this is done with the article editor, in my case JCE Editor Pro
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