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Hi I just have a simple question and I hope it has not been asked before. When you import a WordPress theme it gives you the option to Import website content. However once I click on Yes button it does not remove this feature. Is that how it works? Another words no matter how many times you click on Yes to import the website content that button will always stay active?

Kind regards

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Currently Import Website Content button remains active after importing the content. We have forwarded your request to modify this feature to our development team, if found feasible we will modify this feature in the future version of TemplateToaster.
by mbruiz1967 (100 points)
Thank you.

I look forward to a reply from the developing team.

Kind regards
by carlabarbosa (100 points)
Did this issue got sorted? Since i stopped using this because of exactly this problem
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