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Hello Lisa,

I exported a Woocommerce compatible theme. I set breadcrumbs 'on' for pages and posts. However, breadcrumbs are not fully shown. I mean the breadcrumb consists of only  one word which is 'Home' . If I open a product page which is in a subcategory it should be Home - Category - Subcategory- Product, but only 'Home' is shown. Can you please help me with any suggestion how to solve it? As far as I know, products in Woocommerce are like posts, or am I wrong?

Best wishes, Katalin

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

Can you please provide your URL to the website.
by mikati (780 points)
Hi Lisa,
Here are 2 sample urls:

It is not a live website, I use it only to figure things out.
Best regards, Katalin
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please make sure that you have checked on Woocommerce Compatible while exporting theme in TemplateToaster.
by mikati (780 points)
I checked that. I will make some minor changes with TT version published yesterday and will see what happens.
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