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On my website: when after adding products to my cart then going to check out, the submit button shows a blank space until you hover over it. This is the only button affected.

This screen shot shows the button normally:

This screen shot show the button on hover:

I have tried editing buttons, but this has not helped.

What advice do you offer?

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by mikati (780 points)
I had the same problem. Find the code line of the box with Firebug and change the appearance from hidden to visible. It worked for me.
by station32 (160 points)
I'll be honest, I'm not a programmer of any sort.  I found the button in Firebug, but location exactly where the code is located...i'm a bit lost. Thanks anyway though.
by station32 (160 points)

OK. Based on Makati's suggestion I used Firebug for Firefox browser and figured out the code was in the woocommerce.css file.  Unfortunately this code is all considered 1 line.  In the image below, I was able to remove the color #fff as highlighted and this changed the button to not be hidden.

The only problem I see is when WooCommerce gets updated, I'm going to lose my changes. 

Template Toaster: Is there anything that can be done through the software for this?

by mikati (780 points)
Yes there is. Go to your WordPress dashboard, find Theme Options and copy the selected CSS into: theme optinos - general - custom CSS. I usually save that kind of CSS codes in a separate file so I can always use it again if things change due to an upgrade or anything. Using that custom CSS box you can modify a lot of things. I am not a programmer as well, it took me quite a while to figure this out!
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