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How to add link to social media icon at footer

1) During creating theme in template toaster

2) During editing in word press after exporting theme from template toaster, I tried to add link in word press using theme option but fail. Maybe there is some setting before exporting to zip file?

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Please mention your version of TemplateToaster.
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TemplateToaster version
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Please open a support ticket with your TTR  screenshots of the issue  for quick solution:
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Lisa Im sorry but i have the same problem I Open my ticket 367459 on 07/31/2016 am to day is 08/05/2016 .. 7 day later and is not fix do you have a number of your tech support i can call? >>>>>> I have a customer the need this fix my version

by roberto-soto (200 points)
Sorry are you going to take care this our this is going to go on for another month we are going around in circle and nothing is being done this will be my last time the i will send you the ttr all you tell me is "inserted URL to the icons" but is not working
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