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Please could I get some help from you with a template I'm trying to create for

I'm trying to create a responsive layout by manually altering the CSS but every time I enter a different set of values into a media query it has a knock-on effect for the overall view of the website on larger screens. This should not be possible!

Having looked at your CSS which template toaster is creating there is a serious lack of understanding of how media queries work. Having designed several Joomla! templates myself I have a good understanding of how these work but as I'm disabled it takes me an eternity to write the CSS code hence why I have bought template toaster.

The way I would approach a CSS file would be to create a master set of styles which would include:
general layout for screen resolutions above 1200px width
horizontal/vertical menu styling
header, content, paragraph, table, quotes, buttons styles

Once you have got all of the above styles listed in your master you then only needs to alter certain elements you need to modify in the relevant media query.

At the moment template toaster is generating items in a nonsensical order and it is very difficult to make manual alterations.

I've been trying to make modifications to the various text elements but every time I change a value it changes it outside of the media query. This should not be possible!

I hope you can help because the more I am using template toaster the more issues I am finding with it!


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