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We have almost completed our first website with TemplateToaster and I have learnt a lot along the way. Its been easier to use than the other software package that we had to use before. My IT manger is impress with TemplateToaster too.

My question is that I'm used 'Equal To Page Width' option and when viewing the website on my desktop using 24" monitor, mobile and tablet, it is easy yo read. However, when using various laptops, the website seems too large and the slideshow is squash up ?

If I change the scaling/zoom to 75% on IE/Edge or Google Chome browser, the website is prefect ? What am I doing wrong ?

Here's our URL:

Once again, thanks for your help.


Megan - Junior website designer

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Please open a support ticket with your TTR  screenshots of the issue  for quick solution:

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Hi, what was the solution to this?

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