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Just jumped ship from using Artisteer for years so please bear with me. I have downloaded a free TemplateToaster template called 'TemplateToaster_theme--20081' from your website and made it the default template to use. Uploaded it up onto Joomla and did the following:-

Created the Categories, Articles and menu items. Assigned the 3 basic articles for the menu options (Home, Our services and Contact Us).

Made sure that I have selected the corrected template for default and that under the template options, the menu toggle is turned on to display all menu options.

Instead of a horizontal menu bar with the menu options, I only got the title page displaying 'Home' and the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons at the bottom of the pages ?

It must be me as it's my first attempt using your product ?


1) How do I work out which Module position I need to use for the selected  template ? I am aware of the 'Module Position' option on TemplateToaster BUT I cannot find how I can work out the actual location of the module being use with this template for the menu position that I have downloaded? (e.g it is not showing me the module/location number for the menu)

2) How do I get the menu to work with my menu for the 3 articles that I have assigned to the menu ?

3) How do I turn off the 'Next' and 'Previous' button below the pages ?

Any advice would be greatly apprieated.

Many thanks for your time.






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See if this helps megan

1. finding module positions is explained in this article.

2 In Joomla admin/modules/main menu choose the 'menu' module position for your template. This seems to be the default position for menus used by TT.

3. Getting your menu to work with your articles did you choose 'single article' and select the article you wanted when you created the home, contact, services menu items?

4. You can turn off next and previous in three places, Global options, menu item options or article options. You want to set whichever you decide to 'show navigation/hide'..I'm wondering why you have navigation showing up given the layout you're using

If you are just using three menu items with one article assigned to each you won't really need to use categories other than the default unauthorised. Categories are more use in larger sites using blog layouts or when you have modules that show the latest articles in a category.

I've tried to keep this simple so sorry if I missed out anything which might over complicate it.
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Thank you for your help with my query. Got the menu working. Thanks again - Megan
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