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Hi, I'm a new customer, I opended 3 support ticket about 3 issues, the first ticket was opened two weeks ago but not yet the solution is found. I try here on the forum, maybe other technicians or customers can help me to find the solutions.

1) Responsive video
I have some problems with the size of video in the smartphones (Android). I use Joomla and HD WebPlayer extension. I already use it with Artisteer and everything went ok (check if you want: ) now with the same configuration in a new test Toaster site ( ) with Android the height size is too high with 2 blak stripes before and after the video (always talking about Android, I don't have an iPhone to check). Could you help me to adjust this issue?

Please see the attachment file (screenshot)
The code you suggested me to add did not help.

@media only screen
and (max-width : 640px)

2) FAQ
In beez20 Faq work, but not in toaster template.
Please see the two examples I made for you in the same site (same code, different templates).

3) Responsive side menu
Hi, in this test site the side menu (red menu) in smartphone doesn't open sub menu items?
It works ok using pc.

Of course I provided user name and password of the site in the private tickets. If anyone here on the forum has any ideas on how to solve these issues his help will be greatly appreciated. Two weeks of waiting for a solution are a lot of time.

Thank you



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