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I am creating a WordPress Site with Template Toaster and this is my first time creating a WordPress site.

Can you please explain to me how to take my Template Toaster WordPress site and transfer WHAT? files to the ftp of my Hosting Company.

If there is any videos to show me that would be helpful. You can send me links to Videos too.


Your help is greatly appreciated.

Also how do I get rid of the blog page on my Template?


I look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Hello Cs, with respect, you've got some homework to do.  Word Press is not a piece of cake like all the reviews claim, it does take some work. Understood that you've gone to and checked all the info under "Support" that would apply to you. Also type "server" in the search box if you want to see your site locally before going live and how to set up a server.

Template-Toaster: Go to the top of the page, hover on "HELP" click on "DOCUMENTATION" scroll down to just above the footer and see the buried treasures.  If you have not read thru the user guide is does not take long, a lot is repeated about setting parameters in the various tabs. There are 17 videos available also. You can also check You Tube, most are older though.

There is not a lot of detailed info on this forum as with some others like inserting code, etc. Most are in general terms, referring to some reference material or suggesting to open a support ticket. (Current trend? Desktop-Server has dropped it's forum and only has support tickets now, too bad IMHO.)

TT is a very interesting program as you can create a CMS template OR a regular coded site from scratch that's responsive with one app. They are active with development and I look forward to added features and improvements as they have come a long way since V3.

Regards - Donald
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