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I created a TT theme With Content for WP. I entered a bit of content on the home page, using the TT Editor. I exported the theme and uploaded it to my WP website. The TT-created content did not appear on the website.

Is there something special I need to do for the TT content to show up on my WP website?

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Please open a support ticket with your TTR  for quick solution:

by organicman (180 points)
I sent the TTR file with support ticket.
by cbeekhuizen (220 points)
Has the problem been resolved? I'm working on a theme with content and want to know if I'm not going  to do all the work for nothing...
by organicman (180 points)
The problem was resolved, but the trouble is that when TT Support suggests that you open a ticket, they answer YOU but the answer does not automatically get posted on the Forum. This is a very poor system, frankly. There may be a large volume of valuable data that has not made it onto the forums.

So, I went back into my support tickets and here is what I was told:

"It seems after uploading theme in wordpress you haven't import content." They sent me a screen shot and pointed to the "Import Content?" link, which appears when you have just uploaded the theme in the WordPress themes (Appearance) screen. Any content that you created in TT on a given page will then be uploaded with that page and will overwrite any existing content on the WordPress site.

If you have a blank page, meaning a page on which you have created no TT-generated content, then any existing content for that page will not be overwritten on the WordPress site.

To the best of my understanding, that is how this all works.

The other day I learned from a chat with a rep, that Version 6 documentation is supposed to be coming out within a week, and hopefully that will make it easier for all of us to use TT.
by cbeekhuizen (220 points)
Thank you! As long as we users are prepared (did I thank you? No, than again; Thanks! ;-) ) to help each other like you just did, it'll help others as well :)
by organicman (180 points)
You are very welcome, cbeekhuizen! I encourage forum users to post responses from TT Support when possible. Hopefully TT Support will modify their policies to make  information that may be relevant to all users available automatically.
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