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I'm creating a WooCommerce theme using TT 

I've entered some intro text for my shop page via Wordpress Admin / all pages / Shop - and you can see the page here at this test location -

However, when using the WooCommerce product search feature, the results page also shows my intro text for the shop page! Here's a screenshot of what that looks like -


Can someone advise what I need to edit in order to remove the Shop page intro text from the search results page?

Ideally, I'd like to include some text on the results page that is more appropriate!



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It seems to be working in our end,. If still you find any issue, please feel free to open a ticket at support

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Hi Lisa,

I switched to using another search plugin, which enables me to specify a different template. However, I will need to open a support ticket as the predictive results element of the search plugin is not working. The plugin developer has raised an issue regarding the theme.
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