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I have a problem with the site of a friend I've created:
I would like the module on the lower right side (Kontakt Links Impressum) to always stay on the right side, also with responsive design. Unfortunately it comes to the left side and on small phones splits into two lines.
Hopefully someone can help me...
Best regards

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Before you upload your work to a website you should check if it works in a good responsive way.
I think that's the cause of your problem, not checking.
Maybe I'm wrong but I've seen it before.

Making something in desktop view, and then changing to mobile view to see how it looks on a small screen, many time there's a difference in how the text is behaving.

A text can be centered in desktop view but as soon as one changes to mobile view then it is not centered, or not left or right as was the plan.

Template toaster has three viewing options when you are in design.
Below left, called "Desktop" "Tablet" and "Mobile".
Three points of correction, first make you site in desktop till its perfect, then correct your site in Tablet and Mobile mode.
Now inbetween sizes will behave as expected.

Also there is an option to see how your design behaves in your browser, click above on the text "RESPONSIVE LAY-OUT"(far right)
Now you see on the left(above) four options, "Mobile" "Minitab"
"Tab" and "Desktop" all in portrait and landscape modes.
If you click on one of the choices your browser opens your site as asked.

There is even another option available in TT, click on "file"(far left) then in the menu that opens on "preview", now you will see one or more browsers installed on your pc, choose one, your site will open, resize it by hand to the smallest and the largest, all errors will show.

It is also a good idea to check all browsers you have, Internet Explorer(older versions can be troublesome) but many people use IE, so having that browser on board is a good idea, if it works then most certain all other browsers will work, not perse other way around.

If you do it that way many problems disappear.

by jcr1985 (160 points)


I know about all the options TT gives me. The module position always looks ok, the preview with mobile, minitab and tab is not helpful as the positions aren't shown in the browser and there is no text in the modules, as I created the position on my own.

So I'd still be grateful for any help I can get!
Best regards

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TemplateToaster provides three default module positions inside footer, 'LeftFooterArea', 'CenterFooterArea' and 'RightFooterArea', which you can only view after export. So you can place your module in "RightFooterArea" at Joomla admin -> Extensions -> Module Manager -> Edit Module -> Position -> Rightfooterarea.
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