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I build a template for a website and addes some widget areas to show ads (sorry)

the strange thing is; the ads are shown on the category pages, but as soon as I open an article all widget areas are gone.

I guess I mist somewhere a setting for this but can't find it.

who can help me?

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by sarah (15.2k points)

TemplateToaster provides you the option to hide widget on specific pages. So, please make sure it is not hided for single post page at Wordpress admin -> Appearence -> Widget -> Hide widget on.

If still issue persists, please open a ticket at support
by mamboweb (180 points)
I'm familiar with this option and those are not checked. All widgets should appear on all kind of pages (at the moment even on the 404 page) The strange thing is with an old template it is working good. the older template was made with TT5
by sarah (15.2k points)
Can you please open a ticket at support and provide the admin-credentials there.
by mamboweb (180 points)
With the great help of the TT support team the problem was found in the used plugin.
The template as created is working fine.

Great job done by the TT support. That's why you need to buy a license.
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