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New to TT (just installed the demo). I get that TT allows the offline production of templates, but waht do I do if I want to use an external slider? I don't understand how I would do that once my template is loaded in a Wordpress site: if I insert a slider then, surely it will totally mess up the page layout.

I would value your explanations (in fact, the question is valid for other WP Plugins) so I can understand the workflow and get started. By the way, I downloaded the demo of version 6 but the manual in the help file is dated 2014.I have a couple more questions which I will post in a separate thread.

Thank you


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You can add the slider other than TemplateToaster at any widget area after loading the theme in wordpress site by using some plugin. It will not affect your page layout.
Secondly the updated documentation of TemplateToaster will be provided soon.
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