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Unless I'm doing something wrong... It seems that when you add Text widget or Black Studio TinyMCE to either First-Footer-Widget-Area, Second or Third any text selected to become a link changes to the font size assigned to Widgets. It seems to ignore the Link Font Size assigned within the Footer parameters... The Text size by it's self remains correct to what's been assigned within the Typography. However, even though the Links Font size are set as desired, they don't adhere to that setting, once you make them a link.

Footer widgets should adhere to font size, links font size, etc. assigned within the Footer settings and should be erelevant of the widget settings.

Additionally, there doesn't seem to be an easy and clear way to change the % size of either the First-Footer-Widget-Area, Second or Third. There, should be the ability to easily do so, just like you can for Widget Areas.

Thanks for the assistance with this.

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