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I wanted to add some simple navigation to my footer much like is being used in the design of this site. There seems to be no simple way to do it, at least not without issue.

According to this #23 shows control over the footer link color. That option does not appear on my version.

Here is the page I am working on

I tried styling this via the sidebar menu tab which only appears if I have a left sidebar. I want mine on the right, so I keep having to switching back and forth. There is a margin before the first menu item and there is no apparent way to control visited link color.

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by sarah (15.2k points)

There seems to be some issue with the styling of footer links.For the time-being, please use the following custom css at TemplateToaster -> General -> Css

footer ul li {

    margin-left: 0;

by tom1 (220 points)
That helped thank you!
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